E-commerce Website Builder Australia for Small Businesses

Finding and winning new customers is difficult mainly if you’re operating in a brick and mortar store. If you’re a small business entrepreneur in Australia, you need to get yourself a website that will suit your business needs to allow you to skyrocket your sales and scale your company.

To do this, you need an eCommerce website builder that will establish your online presence so that you can cost-effectively advertise your brand and help your brand tap in online sales in a simple yet powerful website that can turn a hobby into a thriving business or take an existing business to a whole new level.

The cost of online marketing is reasonable but still underutilized by businesses in Australia. However, a forward-thinking entrepreneur will take the opportunity to employ affordable digital marketing tactics and drive quality traffic on their eCommerce website. Today, thousands of builders will secure you a domain name for a couple of bucks.

Features to Look for to Run a Successful Online Store

Finding a website builder that will allow you to put together a functional online store that will offer you a set of robust content management systems and a full range of convenient and straightforward features can be a daunting task.

Here is a set of essential features that you need to check before getting yourself a website builder.


If you want to keep your online store relevant, you need a website builder that will allow you to make immediate changes easily and bring fresh content to the market real quick. Besides, the eCommerce tool should let you add products, categories, and images fast and easy. The centralized dashboard should be one that allows you to check orders, view statistics and more.

A Variety of Templates

An intuitive eCommerce website builder should feature a massive variety of templates to choose from which is the foundation on which you bring your vision to life with ease. Different website builders will come with designs that suit particular types of industries.

Some eCommerce builders like Shopify website tool come with professional looking templates with an easy drag-and-drop feature.

Mobile Optimized

A mobile optimized website will reformat itself for handheld devices such as smartphones to tablets. A web builder with a responsive design ensures that visitors will be able to navigate content from mobile devices easily.

Besides, research indicates that most people search for products or services from their mobile devices. Therefore, its crucial that you choose a web builder that’s mobile ready as a best practice and also to increase sales.

Powerful Shopping Cart

A fully-featured shopping cart facilitates the purchase of a product or service from your online store. It helps the customer to calculate what they purchase. It’s also a gateway for orders and catalogs and is an important feature that leads a customer to the checkout page which is the final step of a sales cycle.  

Search Engine Optimized

Search engine optimization should be every shop’s marketing strategy. I will help you to get ahead of the pack quickly. Besides, on-page SEO helps you to acquire targeted and relevant traffic on your website.

The web builder of your choice should be search engine optimized meaning that it should have search engine-friendly pages for structured data and Google-rich snippets that allow your store to get indexed faster for better search engines ranking and to increase web traffic numbers.

Secured Hosting

Security is a fundamental concern for consumers, especially for an eCommerce website. Receiving online payments and storing a customer’s confidential information needs exceptional care. A secure SSL seal will ensure that your online shop is safe and give customers the confidence to enter their information in your checkout page. 

Additionally, check whether the website builder of your choice is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Tons of Integrations

The ability of a website builder to integrate with many apps is an added advantage and will allow you to manage your products including checkouts, marketing, returns, and shipping. Besides, you will offer customers more creative online shopping experiences and open new opportunities for potential clients to interact with your brand.

A reliable eCommerce website builder that features the most advanced software will offer you superior reliability and performance guaranteed.

Accepts Multiple Payments

Your checkout page is critical and is the final step where people shopping on your website become customers. Making it possible for them to pay will increase conversion rates and sales. Therefore, you need to have full control over the entire checkout process and give your customers seamless shopping experience, ensure that your store accepts all major credit cards and other payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, ZipPay.

A robust eCommerce website builder simplifies the challenges of creating and maintaining an e-store and features sturdy, easy to use features that allow you to establish your brand online and increase sales. Here are three notable eCommerce website builders that you can consider today.


Shopify is an easy to use website that comes with a simple to use and intuitive features that allow you to create a great online store and a secure shopping cart.

2. Magento

Magento is an open source eCommerce website builder that comes with a variety of themes and add-on features.

3. Wix

Wix is an e-commerce web builder that utilizes a drag and drop building elements so that you can build unlimited pages on your website. You will also accept payments through their partnership with Ecwid.

In Conclusion

There’s a wide variety of eCommerce website builders in the market today giving you an overwhelming choice if you want to start an online shop. The essential thing to look for in a web builder are features that will meet your business needs and allow you to scale your business in the future.

Also, think about what you’re selling and how you want your online shop to look. If you have no idea, check with a competitor’s site to get an idea. Besides, you should pick a web builder that will grow with you and one that fits in your budget needs.